Westworld is so damn good so is anything else just as profound!

A perfect well acted, crafty written and comforting Sci-Fi experience! I’m so jealous of the brilliant people behind such a show about robots that pose as humans and improve by others that control them. I appreciate anything thought provoking such as Butterfly Effect, Inception, Cube, and Donnie Darko; projects done right with a different tone that than most!

The simplicity of things existing or not is a wonderful thing like the possibility of time travel or otherwise similar things is glorious. It’s a necessity to get the mind going, as heard in Get Out “The mind is a powerful thing to waste”. I crave that stuff like no other, the goosebumps I get from certain intense things is one of my favorite things too when I watched Killing Eve I got goosebumps 5 times that was wonderful! #Autism #Thoughtprovoking #Writer #Westworld #Puzzles #Writingcommunity

2 thoughts on “Westworld is so damn good so is anything else just as profound!

  1. And a lot of people seemed to like your review. I think more than half – of the latest episode?

    I did too. There is quite a Westworld community that David Perry [university professor and Dad] introduced me to.

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