Writers block and the blooming flower of my reawakening

A reawakening in my own form of kindling a bonfire 🔥 of greatness and glory of my oh so profoundness; mind of a autistic guy 🧩. I’m a being with many quirks where my mom even says I should blog about my rules maybe that’s a good idea!

I tend to fuss about cabinets being left open, things being lob sided, me touching things an even amount, having a shower time, peculiar sounds, mystified confusion of changes, using the same items frequently, among many other things like too much clutter or dirt I like to be a neat freak. The way my brain is wired is unorthodox and remarkable that should be accepted by many! #Autism #Writingcommunity #Writers #Profound #Writersblock #Vastvocabulary

3 thoughts on “Writers block and the blooming flower of my reawakening

  1. I can relate to lot of your experiences. I always liked things structured and in routine. Changes were always so hard for me growing up. I always have been sensitive to loud noises, but I have gotten better about that overtime.

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