Movie/shows reviews that some might appreciate


My cousin recommended this classic awesome series figured I’d give it a try, I needed a long series to be into for awhile. I can already tell Tom Welling was perfect as Clark Kent/ legendary Superman! Micheal Rosenbaum was a unique choice role for Lex Luther he’s perfect as a villain. The directing feels oldish it’s heartwarming I’m gonna love the whole series I have a feeling and I’m loving the series; only thing that bugs me is some parts feel like a soap opera reality otherwise spectacular! A perfectly insightful depth to Superman packed in a perfect treat that I’m already craving from the pilot.

The Ringer

Johnny Knoxville and Brian Cox are spectacular! Hilarious while being entirely calming and at the same time quite awkward. I’ve known a lot of unique beings and been through a lot so I have a lot of sympathy for people that are different. Also this is my 480th review which I am very proud of, my passion is films and to be famous so maybe someone important could see my opinions. I don’t know if someone quirky can even gain success especially since I am 30 but I still have high faith.


To the person that said it’s been done before sure but never this story I’m sure there’s very few about a dog from the army. Channing Tatum was superb throughout I loved Dog (Lulu) the journey story and bonding was so lovely! So much wildness, charm, endearment, and great dialogue throughout; amazing movie I’d recommend to anyone!


If you think about it in a deeper sense the Severance corporation is a metaphor of for how trapped workers are in their job, that’s my theory. I love it all I’m surprised a few hated it something about waiting for something that’s ridiculous or they know the nothing, seems to be a buildup and a lot to learn about the series regardless the show is magnificent! The thriller aspect is glorious and I’m a couple episodes in. When the show first released it had a 7.2 and jumped to 8.2 that’s well deserved!

A few of my well appreciated reviewers from IMDb.


Horrible way to end the day at least I’m back to blogging!

Classic me lately with massive drama 🎭 bullied over little things that I begged forgiveness for not acknowledged once and instead I’m bullied a lot for my behavior and hounded for mistakes I’ve done 😰. Not many genuine people anymore and misunderstood constantly; not just a recent issue that overlapped but most my life.

Where are people that are willing to be mature and reason a conflict instead of bully an autistic person that made one mistake. 2 people really knew a way to make me feel bad for just wanting to be friends ugh.

Not much happening in life I’ve had a lot of sleep struggles already this year and been taken advantage of by other people which was another mess I’m lucky to not be alcoholic I’m quite healthy. So many are so lucky in life meanwhile I don’t have much greatness besides some usual entertainment.

I never blog at the end of a day/midnight at least I’m trying despite being a negative Nancy. Some stuff is my own fault sure I’ll just never understand people that hound me and can’t act like an adult some it hurts so much! At least I’ve had plenty of great entertainment and other stuff happening just annoying I barely can have peace of mind. I crave the day when I’m praised for my kindness and have genuineness.

My bold review for Emancipation since IMDb didn’t allow

Hard to watch some of the awful ways people were treated a couple hundred years ago at least it’s a lot less with racism even if there’s a percentages it’s decreased since the era of Emancipation. Despite any complaints of Will Smith he deserves a 2nd chance of recognition and forgiveness cause he’s exceptional in this and I’m one of very few that feels the slap went to far! Anyways Antoine Fuqua directed a spectacular under appreciated film that is sad, bold, thriller, and filled with drama to the brim that is all well done. I’m sure my review will get mixed vibes regardless I’d highly recommend the film!

Joshua project vibes

One of the best experiences I had while having a blog! While I’m meant to keep a portion of it secretive I will say other things. It’s truly remarkable to be welcomed by a bunch of guys for a couple days.

For someone like me that’s barely active it’s a blessing and enriching to have an ignited flame literal and metaphorical to get me going. I experienced great food, a couple fires, drumming, wise stories, grunt work, and unexpected one for me no electricity/phones for a couple days is truly profound!

I’ve had numerous negative blogs where I down-poured frustrated vibes a rare feat lately is I’m phenomenal hopefully I can keep that magic going. I’m lucky when I’m accepted by genuine folks of any kind there’s not enough in my life.

Transformation is another way to look at it or as my deep young self would say if you want to look at the trees then look at them. Take in life sometimes it’s a powerful force.

Disappointed in the way people treat me!

I’m blown away the amount of strangers that expect me to help them barely anyone helps me besides a few people. Not only am I nagged a lot but my stomach hurts and I only got 3 hours sleep.

Really frustrating the amount of selfish people I experience it gets me in full blown rage! I need more ambience and peace enriching me. I don’t know how to fix a lot of things being autistic wish I could do more especially be around genuine people. I’m a loss with the pace of my life I just try to entertain myself the bulk of the time.

Part of me misses blogging but I barely have much to write about maybe writers block

One thing that bothers me in life is how autism has defined even though people say don’t let it define you it’s a downpour of no success for me sometimes I get sick of just entertain myself. I bet not many realize except the ones that hate me might think I’m a loser I kinda am!

It’s odd experience 30 years old still not much greatness to be proud of I even slept well I just get annoyed with how my life is destroyed because of autism. I barely am good at socializing, barely able to work and barely good most essential things like cooking.

Whatever though at least I slept great I just want more out of life I don’t know what to do to improve a lot of aspects. I’m mostly healthy that’s one of best things I have going for me.

There really needs to be more options of success for quirky folks it would make a vast difference. For now I’ll keep trying to accept my life with ridiculous amount of entertainment; hope anyone that sees my posts is doing well!

Crazy how much madness has been happening!

I’ve had numerous sleep struggles on and off lately for weeks, lots happening with my mom including taxes, bullied on Snapchat recently, I’ve had several people nag me for money that I don’t have and I was yelled at which is one of the worst triggers for an aspie at least for me!

Badly in need of a miracle or several, I’m so ready for some blessings. I haven’t felt so cursed in years even my mom had nearly everything go wrong for at least 5 hours.

On positive notes at least my gaming has gone well and I have a very happy cat. I’m mostly healthy I’ve improved my stomach aches that were common just not much else.

Maybe I can hope for some exceptional peace from now on, tremendously uncertain with 3 hours sleep though. Hope anyone that sees this is doing solid enough lately.

I should blog more but I get massive writers block and various health nonsense

Seems to be loads of spirals that life tends throw a lot of curve balls at least for me and maybe it’s like that for a lot of people too. I’ve had a paranormal amount of off days that need to be cured asap!

Within these peculiar mashed up days I have a portion of peace and more elevated stress scattered through my cerebellum. I realize there’s a brilliance to some of my life despite unsettling vibes.

As one of my favorite metaphors is portaling through life which probably isn’t a word but I have fun. In my own introverted bizarre trapped life it’s mostly a great life, I just need more out of it.

I feel more nourishment though from a glamorous amount of sleep maybe that can happen soon and maybe I don’t make sense I just felt like down pouring some flow of vocabulary to the world. Sometimes there’s a spark of genius from me that I wish could be a famous known thing for now it’s like this and I love any of my supporters!

Feeling an overload of loneliness and lack of opportunities for aspies!

Maybe it’s me and a few other autistic folks but I’ve had a tremendous lack of social experiences in the last 5 years ish or so. Could be a North Carolina thing I’d like think it seems other states are better with progressing chances for my type and it should be the opposite!

I’ve been on housing lists for probably 8 years and even was accepted for one yet their production is dreadful almost as if they just don’t care about my kind that need it badly. Not sure what it is I just know am feeling off about my lack of greatness/joy in life; I’d sell my soul for miracles.

Could potentially be the time of season as well nearly summer and I’m metaphorically in a long term floating portal that doesn’t end for years whist time on earth moves on I think that’s a brilliant possibility.

People like me badly need more understanding in life I’ve had some that don’t understand my diet and mentality that’s hurts thinking about it. Some need to be more informed on health and quirky folks life would be smoother then so yeah an odd overlook on unsettling feelings I have.

What a wild day!

I got to experience a memorial service for someone I loved and known for around 15 years which was heartbreaking and a wildly fun event!

My soul feels different truly realizing the loss of a dear friend named Danny Furry, I didn’t know how much it’d effect me till I got to the memorial seeing photos and hearing the stories while others cried I did a little bit.

Crazy seeing people I haven’t seen in many years some of which I barely remembered and new ones that were great to be around. I got to even have a little bit of tequila that was chill I barely drink alcohol kinda helps take the edge off.

Really hope I can see more wonderful people somehow I need it! Life is essential for these precious times especially of loving ones.