I’ve been having horrible writers block and now for a down poor of awesomeness

My peculiar mind has been in freezer mode, frozen in time and space I love stuff like that!

Regardless of me and my loss of things to write I do still write reviews on IMDb like a junkie!

In other news people have been panicking about the corona virus 🦠 which is insane it’d be a cool thing if Zombies 🧟‍♂️ became a thing to worry about it that’s a fun theory though because life doesn’t have enough going on at least for me.

A few pet peeves of mine id like to express is I can’t stand when people chew gum in movies or person it’s very annoying. Another one I have is loud noises aggravate me very much I know it’s an aspie trait though that one is common.

On another note I’ve been in need of money and I hate it wanting things is so disappointing and embarrassing.

How bout a brilliant thought or silly thing in a world where autistic people are mistreated into an alternated world full of nonsense. What about I clear away from but can’t hmm such is a bizarre puzzle that I’m unsure of what to do about; I mean will I ever figure out what I will do? Maybe not but at least I’m entertained plenty.

#Autism #Worldproblems #Seriesofthoughts #Saturdayblog

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