Black water keep on rollin

Reawaken the beast you shall he’s stumbling within thy dungeon, made that up I’m not sure maybe my mind is warped into another dimension. The abyss would be a great place for fellow like me so out of sorts with what’s going on except entertaining myself for the time being, I suspect my darkness is a powerful entity sometimes yet I don’t let it overcome me.

My mind is an incredible vast filing cabinet of glorious thoughts that may or may not make sense but at least I have fun! It’s important to spread kindness to the world even feeling off that’s for sure!

Don’t mind my way of processing it’s a bit of different wiring that could be unorthodox, unworldly and mysterious; that’s a wonderful crafted piece of brilliance to me. In other notes all my Twitter accounts got banned which sucks donkey balls, I might need a new number eventually.

I reckon this year might still be great though like I want it be I’ve been connecting with aspies like me, might have opportunities for money soon, still get to see any movie I want, and I’m gonna do some other improvements like exercising. I absolutely love it when people talk about their demons inside them I think there’s plenty of clever ways to describe such emotions. #Autism #Thursdayblog #Writingcommunity #Inspiration

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