I’m sure others agree horror doesn’t get enough recognition so I figured I’d blog about it

At least 10 movies in the last several years didn’t get any nominations that damn well should’ve and hurts my soul and I think the crew deserve the praise for what they’ve done! Films like Hereditary, Misummer, US, a dark drama called Waves was phenomenal, or some oldies like Smokin aces Jeremy Piven deserves best actor award easily, a movie from last year too Motherless Brooklyn didn’t get enough praise not sure why it was spectacular!

Me and my mom came up with a genius idea what for second chance Oscars I wanna be known for a cool thing in several decades. If not still a fun theory and conversation regardless I think it’s intriguing. #Moviethoughts #Wednesdayblog #Oscars #Moviecritic #ASD #Autism

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