It’s been a whirlwind lately

Such a bizarre feeling to experience so many depressing thoughts, lack of good sleep and other peculiar things. Unnerving feeling of wanting so much more and not sure what on earth the angels expect of me or is it the demons; blistering madness that’s for sure! Maybe people with #Autism have to deal with more suffering to get to better things, it’s beyond me. I wonder how long my agony will last I mean I’m so tired of so much I’m 27 and endlessly lonely and not happy with my life!

I’m sorry to anyone I bore with my whacky thoughts, it’s nice to vent some of it regardless. Hopefully this year can still get better I’m tired of arguing with people for poor reasons whatever though I guess #ASD people like me can’t really progress much more than a casual life. #Filmcritic #Peculiarthoughts

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