I’m proud of this my 100th review on IMDb & it’s about my favorite movie; Fight Club!

A genius masterpiece about a man that struggles with sleep among other mental dwindling disorders! I originally saw this on VHS at least 15 years ago it instantly became my all time favorite purely because of how it makes you think & the excellent lines about society; I’ve now seen it at around 20 times including special features.

I remember having to see it a few times to understand the story better not realizing several key elements most don’t realize & most don’t understand why it’s my favorite movie they say “Oh theirs to much fighting” no it’s more about the sheer the depth of every conversation, quotes, and society aspects.

The vocabulary is outstanding & every philosophical notion involved. Similar to The Matrix being about alternate universes with society mashed with philosophical conversations & how we are slaves like batteries which is true depending on what you believe.

Anyway “Fight club” is best in my opinion cause it doesn’t have the sci-fi bits it’s psychologically disturbing in a twisted good drama way, the ending too woo boy that’s the bees knees of hit me right in the feels to the point where I wish banks would disintegrate in other words ground zero that might be too deep though so don’t mind me regardless I love this movie so much!

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