Movie/shows reviews that some might appreciate


My cousin recommended this classic awesome series figured I’d give it a try, I needed a long series to be into for awhile. I can already tell Tom Welling was perfect as Clark Kent/ legendary Superman! Micheal Rosenbaum was a unique choice role for Lex Luther he’s perfect as a villain. The directing feels oldish it’s heartwarming I’m gonna love the whole series I have a feeling and I’m loving the series; only thing that bugs me is some parts feel like a soap opera reality otherwise spectacular! A perfectly insightful depth to Superman packed in a perfect treat that I’m already craving from the pilot.

The Ringer

Johnny Knoxville and Brian Cox are spectacular! Hilarious while being entirely calming and at the same time quite awkward. I’ve known a lot of unique beings and been through a lot so I have a lot of sympathy for people that are different. Also this is my 480th review which I am very proud of, my passion is films and to be famous so maybe someone important could see my opinions. I don’t know if someone quirky can even gain success especially since I am 30 but I still have high faith.


To the person that said it’s been done before sure but never this story I’m sure there’s very few about a dog from the army. Channing Tatum was superb throughout I loved Dog (Lulu) the journey story and bonding was so lovely! So much wildness, charm, endearment, and great dialogue throughout; amazing movie I’d recommend to anyone!


If you think about it in a deeper sense the Severance corporation is a metaphor of for how trapped workers are in their job, that’s my theory. I love it all I’m surprised a few hated it something about waiting for something that’s ridiculous or they know the nothing, seems to be a buildup and a lot to learn about the series regardless the show is magnificent! The thriller aspect is glorious and I’m a couple episodes in. When the show first released it had a 7.2 and jumped to 8.2 that’s well deserved!

A few of my well appreciated reviewers from IMDb.


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