Horrible way to end the day at least I’m back to blogging!

Classic me lately with massive drama 🎭 bullied over little things that I begged forgiveness for not acknowledged once and instead I’m bullied a lot for my behavior and hounded for mistakes I’ve done 😰. Not many genuine people anymore and misunderstood constantly; not just a recent issue that overlapped but most my life.

Where are people that are willing to be mature and reason a conflict instead of bully an autistic person that made one mistake. 2 people really knew a way to make me feel bad for just wanting to be friends ugh.

Not much happening in life I’ve had a lot of sleep struggles already this year and been taken advantage of by other people which was another mess I’m lucky to not be alcoholic I’m quite healthy. So many are so lucky in life meanwhile I don’t have much greatness besides some usual entertainment.

I never blog at the end of a day/midnight at least I’m trying despite being a negative Nancy. Some stuff is my own fault sure I’ll just never understand people that hound me and can’t act like an adult some it hurts so much! At least I’ve had plenty of great entertainment and other stuff happening just annoying I barely can have peace of mind. I crave the day when I’m praised for my kindness and have genuineness.


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