Boogie Nights extended review

There’s something truly special about the provocative drama Boogie Nights (1997) starring brilliant Mark Walberg aka Markie Mark of the funky bunch he’s known as in some cases.

Dirk Digglier really wants to become a star which is fine a portion of the time until he starts having cocaine and gets involved in some of the wrong friends; that in which is some of the best filmmaking ever by Paul Thomas Anderson! I love how people compare his style to Quentin Tarantino interestingly enough Quentin says PTA is one of his favorite directors which is worthy by a long shot.

The entire soundtrack based in the 70’s is glorious really hits the spot throughout even the sounds created for scenes were perfect/tense! Perfectly R-Rated without having to be NC~17 would’ve been because of sexuality, massive amount of profanity a lot of which were perfectly written, drug content and unexpected violence that spooks up on viewer.

I could watch the scene Alfred Molina infinitely it’s perfectly tense you get a sense the spiral Dirk has gone at that point in the story and how deep he’s gone in the rabbit hole. Could be meme worthy with the quote at this point he effed up lol. The scene is pivotal for the story I’d like to think you understand too cause of the things the characters leading up to this tried to get money other ways not much worked so they go the guy “He’s richer than god” that’s a great quote. Boogie Nights is a masterpiece of it’s time despite provocative scenes.


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