What lovely day it is to be me

A boring day followed by strange interactions and perpetual dark thoughts that flow in like magma! I’m a glorified mystery with a unfortunate knack of upsetting online friends.

I get beyond up with the evil people that lie and don’t care about being my friend especially someone like me that is nice to many kinda like a care bear. What I never fathom is the ones that have Asperger’s and still clash with me!

So ready for the day to come when I can live a more independent life without as much loneliness that haunts me! I guess on the plus side I have a few good people that I can depend on no matter what that’s important, inspirational and heartwarming.

The respective of things are the positives that can be laid out in perfect narratives; I love to fiddle with words sometimes it’s fun and keeps my mind happy. I love the saying at the end of the day it’s not gonna matter, that’s an important lesson I have to remember sometimes! #Autism #Writingcommunity #Venting #Inspiration

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