Enter the mini portal of my mind

A bizarre interior for imagination and an exterior of a weird skinny guy! Loads of interesting, ambient waves of emotions or somber ones, in my story. Realm of unknown, uncertainty, and unfortunate things I’ve experienced!

The many things I’ve been through since I started special needs class is astonishing along with morbid, and honorable to me maybe others that I’ve made it as far as. Crazy amount of times I’ve been taken advantage or bullied has really discouraged me in a way I wish it didn’t. I might not be best with extraordinary details but I try to express myself with the best of my ability.

My sudden sparks that flow through me is fun creativity of my history. I miss a lot of things even my mom says I should blog about things I miss, I figured I’d do a different one in fact that’s a wonderful thing that’s known “Different not less”! I mean I do miss adventures that’s one thing among many.

I enjoy my peculiar ways although it’d be nice to experience some more independence and other variations of adult things; I often feel not my age of 27 especially the way I live. It’s ok though in due time maybe when the society is at ease again after the collapse of our economy, such an intriguing thing to me at the same time especially in movies about society like Falling Down good times. #Autism #Writingcommunity #Thoughtsfromanaspie #Writer

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