Controversial things are wild and intriguing

So dark, bleak and unorthodox! The way people act when things are slightly wrong or misunderstood is disgusting behavior especially when I barely have good friends on my side.

I love controversial stuff especially in movies or topic that I can learn from so despite the brash things thrown at me like metaphorical tomatoes in a upset audience! It’s unfortunate how #autistic people are barely given chances especially in the worst circumstances where it’s difficult to reason with the person without throwing insults; it’s best to be calm and mature even in disasters important people have to maintain the situation.

Society can be so cruel and provocative I’m uncomfortable with that. I want wholesome vibes flowing towards me, I hate how hard it is for an aspie like myself to connect with most anyone! I don’t know where my mind goes sometimes but I know my unique ways should be considered important maybe I can blossom even from a bad scenario.

These quarantine times hit some worse than like #Writersblock, pain, drama, and struggle with sleep; I’m implore more imagination! I’m in need of things to be easier no matter what that means. #Writercommunity #Controversy #ASD #Fsociety

3 thoughts on “Controversial things are wild and intriguing

  1. Perhaps I am alone in thinking mild autism is no big deal.. So what if you have a different way of interacting. I am a teacher and I think the problem is much less autism than our lack of acceptance of anybody outside the square.

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