“You can’t have me and you can’t have the baby”

I saw Invisible Man for the second time today before that I saw The Way Back both are so damn good! Thought provoking mastery are words that come to mind which is my favorite thing in cinema.

A spark of bliss is enlightened when I sleep well! Life has many off days throughout its span that can really exhaust the mind and fill the spirit with darkness.

The off chance I ever work in the film industry like I’d love to do I’d like to create a movie like Cube 1997 that’s a wonderful film with touches of horror. So exciting to me to even think of possibilities owww man I wish I could go to a studio and be like ok I have an idea then express it as if it’s a symphony orchestra!

Well either way it’s fun to play around with my thoughts and poor them out like rain. I’m quite an unorthodox guy with many insane or sane thoughts ain’t that fun? I don’t know maybe I’m just a weird autistic being. Vocabulary does intrigue me for sure though! #Autism #Writingcommunity #Fridayblog #Writer #Fame #Filmlover

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