Disturbing facts that bother me

There could be no such thing as poverty but rich people allow it to happen globally in many locations it doesn’t make sense to me! I’d love to fix it or if someone else could that’d be marvelous too; I mean there doesn’t have to be homeless people or charities it’s unfair and cruel!

Same with cancer many people keep giving drugs, chemo treatment, or otherwise to make money wtf is up with that is I’ll tell you greed and people used to it to do a damn thing about it.

I mean this could be groundbreaking definitely a chapter in a book or a book of mine in the future, that’s a riveting spec of particles.

Someday a mind blowing thing of evil incarnate will happen or benevolent greatness that’ll be a monumental day in history. A must is when we have a better bunny rabbit than a power animal in offices that actually do good for the world. #Autism #philosophical #Importantblogs #Fame

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