Saddest thing to me right now

I waste so much important time away and it’s destroying my life #Fuckautism! It’s so not healthy how I want so much constantly not being happy! So many don’t understand ASD that gets exhausting and so do my many depressing thoughts that are disgustingly endless. If I could remove my disorder I would I’m so jealous of people who can have amazing friends among other things like damn gimme that.

Maybe I’m meant to be a 27 year old with more struggles than imaginable even worse is I wanted 2020 to be a year for some of the best things it’s already been shit for weeks. This isn’t is a biblical good to praise of comforting me I don’t really deserve much I mostly am a failure that doesn’t know what to do with my life that’s the tragedy I live with. #Depression #Autism #Thursdayblog #Writingcommunity #Fear

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