The most stressful way to argue with an aspie!

Constantly egging on things when they are definitely over and overpowering someone by not stop talking. My mom tends to think she has more power over anyone that tells her to be quiet; every time we get into it she makes it seem like she’s got worse Asperger’s than me. Wtf am I supposed to do when aggravated about a ridiculous situation no matter what it’s about it’s bonkers of mentally unstable for either me or otherwise sure I’ll take responsibility just still mind blowing.

I never know what to do about a tense conversation especially when the other party has the upper hand like fuck everyone in these circumstances! I’m sorry to vent this peculiar catastrophic predicament #Autism at its worst! I can’t figure it out ever I mean I’m in shutdown mode I guess basically my pixelated mind of weird shapes – On a happy note at least Christmas is tomorrow maybe that’s what makes things so blasphemy. #ChristmasEve #Writingcomunity #ASD

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