Well I went to church today, first time in at least 6 years before that 4 years! Note: Slightly controversial.

Such an profound enlightenment of heartwarming vibes and wonderful people! I forgot how great it can be to believe in god cause I’ve really lost my faith tremendously over the last decade and it’s a powerful religion “Christianity”. I tend to consider myself agnostic/atheist it’s comforting to me most times I do often think about believing in god at the same time I feel uncomfortable about many aspects; quite an odd yet intriguing subject for sure.

Imagine a wonderful option of doing anything you want in life not in a bad way and still get into heaven that’d be so abundant/benevolent. So many get healed from praying or otherwise similar I love it – I want to feel more at peace in life! I’m beyond excited for Christmas though, should be great! #Sundayblog #Autism

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