Feeling wise today

I woke up in a daze from a nightmare last night and a headache this morning. The unimaginable thought provoking experience from a traumatic sleep experience could lead to possibilities of turning that sort of thing into a glorious horror movie! When I was younger I’d wake up sweating from those morbid emotions/dreams I’m blown away it didn’t happen this time although a headache is close enough. My inability to be more normal is astounding even in my sleep I have a meltdown and get beat up by strangers!

Maybe it’s best not to watch Castle Rock before going to bed, I mean the darkness creeps in like no other at times no one would expect. That can be brilliant and horrifying while in my opinion a masterpiece of beauty, yeah man this is epic! Life is exquisite sometimes! #Autism #Nightmares #Tuesdayblog #Fame

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