Enormous amount of fear and daunting feelings

The large amount of burning truths that weigh on me really put a damper on things and exhausting amount of times I get bullied is enough for me to lose my will to wanna do most things. Maybe I deserve some of the abuse that downpours on me 😩🤷‍♂️! I can’t do much about my situation or the way I am but yet there’s some that really degrade me just for entertain others and themselves; I wonder who really cares what happens to me. Oh maybe I’m just a negative Nancy but I gotta let it out somehow and blogging seems profound at the moment!

I need more healthy days that’s for damn sure, potentially holidays will be enlightenment. I know there’s good people out in the world 🌎🤔I guess I just get in the wrong connection of them, sorry if my details are not precise. What’s great going on is the amount of movies I get to see and write reviews about. Plenty of occasions where I want changes and I’m stuck in an abyss of my routine among other boring things – Autism isn’t always unique it’s broken and unorthodox while also being rainbows of mixed vibes. The world needs to know more about people like that don’t fit in most ordinary situations! Dark grim bits of puzzles and beautiful aspects go through my mind! #Autism #Fridaythoughts #Blogfun #Incrediblevocabulary

One thought on “Enormous amount of fear and daunting feelings

  1. Very well stated ! We all feel that way sometimes, I know I do too. I try to remind myself that most people have a good heart like yourself. You can always cheer me up and I appreciate that about you ! Keep up the beautiful writing !
    Kat 😸💕

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