Let the truth set you free!

Don’t let the power of others overcome you, I’m told by profound people not let others abuse me which is important and thought provoking! Immerse yourself into this deep dark world maybe it’s better being autistic I get stuck on things worse and pay attention to details better than most think or at least I definitely do with some things.

Hopefully if my words of wisdom ever get more known at least take this into perspective I am not giving up and I’m only in the situation I’m in by choice. I’ve had a lot of trauma and dealt with a bunch of bullies that get me in full rage that’s not healthy; my point though is don’t be like I’ve lost hope because of my disorder and lack of money. I sure as shit hope this wall barrier changes over the next couple years regardless though at least I’m safe. I am literally a pinnacle of oh he’s an easy target let’s pick on him for fun ugh no no this needs to stop! Realizing daunting aspects is buried with file cabinets of fragile! #ASD #Fame #Sundayblog #Inspiration #Bizarre #Rarity

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