Mind-Warped unsettling vibes!

The uncomfortable feeling of tiredness, pain and anxiety is peculiar and unworldly! I’m sorry to anyone whom doesn’t like my thoughts but just like John Candy said on Planes, Trains and Automobiles “I like me, my friends like me”. That’s a profound thing to me, it’s exhausting trying to please others so much no matter who it is. How bout do you and see how well that works out? If not do what I do a majority of the time is avoid people.

Even though I’m dreadfully abysmally lonely I manage pretty well or at least I like to think so. Hmm maybe I need a self help book for Asperger’s syndrome cause most days I’m at a loss. It’s basically like living on island where I rarely see anyone and when I do finally see someone they don’t understand me or my unorthodox mindset. #Autismthoughts #Saturdayblog #ASD #Fame #Peculiar #Depression

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