I need to write a lot more!

I’ve been so into gaming, out of proportion thoughts and been extra tired lately. The revolution will emerge in due time that’s a thought I think about sometimes. The chemically unbalanced society we live in will either get worse or better and I’m extremely intrigued to find out when it’ll happen! Hey maybe some important people could see my blog I’d be beyond ready to express my opinions in front of a large majority of people.

Regardless my mind boggles and I forgot to blog more than I do, I hope I’m still appreciated by whomever reads my twisted thoughts. My autistic mind is like a perfect art tapestry that spins often and creates a masterful work of beauty. I imbue creativity when I’m in the mood for it and things like roaches without heads will just keep on trucking for several days that shit is fantastic to me – Shit like that keeps the world doing its thing. #Autism #Sparkofbrilliance #Fame #Tuesdaythoughts

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