Feeling very hopeless and broken!

I’m way to distant from so much and pushed away from family because of my quirkiness; I’m damn near crying. I don’t if this is appropriate to even express how off I feel but it needs to be out!

Abysmal feelings really creep in when so much new stuff happens in a week I get many levels of anxiety that isn’t accepted by anyone even my mom thinks I’m a nightmare that hurts 😰😩! I’m so lost if I’ll ever gain success and that hurts so much to think about!

Imagine a burning feeling that decreases chances of greatness and layers of unsureness is heartbreaking. I’m sorry world of anyone whom sees this or otherwise, I need a miracle 🤦‍♂️🧨.

Living proof of insanity that is continually growing that’s dangerous, that’s a minefield of nerve wracking and crew of metaphorical people lined up for the worst day to happen. I can’t imagine a real bomb field let alone a poison in the mind. #Autistic #Wednesdaythoughts

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