Toxic feeling that flows through my veins

Mostly likely a rant blog so bare with me! I’ve had some blurt out moments over the years that gets used against me like a burning poison coursing through me for at least 6 years or more, it’s extremely unfair and diabolical. You ever wanna create a monster out of a sweet cake of a man mention things that go against their code of ethics; I’ve had much happier times and occasionally I’m basically shit on like almost literally and figuratively.

Excuse me for saying but fuck some people! I hope I don’t ever meet certain ones that laugh at me and call me things that I don’t ever wanna think about or say even on here. Sometimes I think ok people that comit suicide are cowards then when I’m bullied even verbally I think wow I should consider the possibility of drastic measures or other stuff but nah I can’t do either one cause I’m broke.

I wonder if people even care about well being anymore, I can’t believe I was laughed at when vile things were said to me out of the blue. Yeah maybe I’m irrational, unorthodox, say odd things, and have some anger issues doesn’t mean target me that’s how murderers are created 😩😢.

Maybe I’ll be more known and even rich things that crush my soul won’t burn so much I’m not sure I just know I need a healthier lifestyle. Hey maybe could see my blogs and this could become famous where I’m honored to be different instead of disgusted. 🤦‍♂️🧩 #ASD #Sundayblog #Rant #Fame #Autismawarness #Venting

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