I didn’t get a chance yesterday but I’ve started to realize Tuesday is bully Alex day!

So much frustrating nonsense in the last couple months of Tuesday’s and give me a hard time for mistakes I do, sensitive to loud noises, had strong opinions taken way too far, and the worst of all misunderstanding important things about me.

Yesterday was annoying because I was trying to focus on something frustrating in #Borderlands3 and 3 people were insulting me because I’m sensitive to loud people especially while trying to do something annoying yet I’m the bad guy, fuck that! I don’t want to be bullied just because people are too stupid to know about #Autism!

I’m a odd guy sure and I get moody I accept that but I won’t put up with abuse for bull shit reasons. So sad how obnoxious some people are when things go hey wire.

Maybe I shouldn’t use social media as much and PlayStation ugh a lot of my fun goes down the toilet when things are catastrophic! Blogging helps for sure though, maybe I’ll become famous one day and none of the stuff I deal with will matter.

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