Been several days that’s a first at least on WordPress! Prepare yourselves for a rant and my longest blog ever!

Some damn effed up days too where I felt mega #Depressed for my existence and bullied for trying to be kind to others. God for bid a woman is uncomfortable by compliments and messages on Twitter never in my 26 years I’ve never felt disgusted by scummy people that made me want to die yeah ok I might play victim or whatever but I’m venting.

I’ve even seen a photo that said “Autism doesn’t come with a manual” no matter what I did or the other person it shouldn’t get to a full blown rage of threats! I’m star-struck by the fact that I can’t just be sweet to most people without someone being a coward about being uncomfortable or lying to me about relationships than turning me into a bad guy is just plain morbid and disgusting behavior.

I’m sorry to anyone who sees this thinking I’m crazy no I just wanna get along with everyone and don’t deserve to be treated like a worthless spec just because I screwed up! I may not ever understand women honestly I don’t mean that in any bad just saying it’s unnerving when I not even a week so before all the drama I’ve been through a person said they loved me come to find out they blocked me along with several others then I’m just left yelling noooooooooooo at my phone!

Maybe one day #Autistic people won’t have so much misunderstandings I really hope people aren’t cowards when the day comes and I’m understood by masses. Anyone that read this far thank you so much you obviously either care or are disgusted by me too! Yay #Depression reeling in.

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