Yet another bizarre day

Started off mostly fine till the day went on & had at least 10 coincidences or more which made things very paranormal. I had to get some blood taken cause I had irregular blood from a few weeks ago, then went to Whole Foods that was pretty good, me & mom should’ve taken the groceries home but instead we went towards plaza mid-wood so that basically changed our quantum field of course so that’s when we started seeing or hearing odd things that matched with conversations or something we saw. Went to a cute store in plaza mid-wood there we realized the woman working there has the same kind of cold as us plus she uses breathe essential oil on her neck which is great, after that mom dropped a card so I almost got hit by a car trying to give it to her that was weird, after that went to a lovely store called Pura Vida cause I want a dream catcher but realized they’re to expensive then mom saw a friend she’s known for many years that got into a conversation with for bit she learned some coincidences with them which is crazy a little after we left on the way home mom got on the phone which last around 40 minutes in between which we get home which is good for a bit till food started getting made then mom accidentally stabs herself with a knife while opening a avocado which was scary cause she started screaming a few minutes later for the first time ever I had to call 911 for a emergency that was quite a experience in itself especially having a fire truck & ambulance come they were nice and fast. What a day that has been already even a little after 2 in the afternoon once I got upstairs I start getting a severe headache the kind I haven’t had since I was little then go have a BM which instead of make me feel better it made me feel worse I still have a very bad headache hours later; I’m quite literally living a twilight zone day I would like known/documented. #Writtingcommunity #Stories

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